GSA Fastpitch Tournament – September 12th & 13th

08 September 2015 | News

Here are the revised fixtures for a 4 team, round robin tournament.


Time Home Away Plate & Base
09.00 Titans Hogs Rangers
11.00 Rangers Hogs Titans
13.00 Rangers Titans Hogs
15.00 Titans Paris GSA/Rangers
17.00 Paris Rangers Titans/Hogs



Time Home Away Plate & Base
08.30 Hogs Paris Titans
10.30 3rd Place 4th Place 2nd Place/GSA
12.30 1st Place 2nd Place GSA

Note: you will need to provide base/plate umpires.

Yes… there is an 08:30 start on Sunday!! This is in order to fit in all the games, as the Paris team are on the boat at 15:30, and they need to be at the harbour for 14:30.

There are a couple of double headers – again –  to fit all games in.  We hope this is ok for everyone.

All games (apart from the final) are timed at 90 minutes.
In the event of a tie, the game will go on both runs for and against.

If there are any volunteers that would be willing to score a few games during the tournament, please can you let Spunky know.



The Paris Mets are booked into La Piette Hotel for a bar meal on the Saturday evening.  If you would like to come along and join them for a drink & a get together then please feel free!  The last game on Saturday should finish around 7pm (ish) so they should be at La Piette for around 7:45pm. Hope to see you all see you there!!

If you have any questions or need further info, contact Spunky by email or by mobile on 07781 413929.

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