GSA 2nd Division Tournament – August 27th & 28th

17 August 2016 | Notices

Statement from the GSA Tournament Officer

“Due to lack of interest the Co-Ed Division 2 Tournament due to take place on the August bank holiday weekend is cancelled.

With this year being the 80th Anniversary of the Guernsey Softball Association this particularly saddens both the GSA committee and me; the August bank holiday has, in previous years, been the highlight weekend in the softball calendar.

This tournament, specifically arranged for the Division 2 teams, is now in jeopardy as the GSA can only offer their services so much with the planning of such an event. The certainty of its future and growth is down to the teams’ significance and contribution and on that basis it has become clear that priority should be given to the Open Co-Ed Tournament.

My sincere apologies to the teams and individuals that did hold an interest.”

Sue Fish