2018 Proposal Meeting and AGM

13 October 2017 | Notices

Please find this as notice for the 2018 Proposal Meeting and AGM.

1. All Proposals must be received by Sam Richardson, no later than Monday 30th October.
2. There will be no Proposal Meeting.
3. The AGM will take place on Monday 27th November at Beau Sejour – time 19.00.

It should state on each Proposal received as to which GSA Member (team) they are being sent from; ideally they would be sent through your team delegate. Please note that a Proposal must only deal with one subject. Where possible please send your proposals electronically, either in an e-mail or e-mail attachment.

The GSA would like to take this opportunity to advise all delegates and players that anyone can offer their services to the GSA by standing for any of the Executive/Non-Executive Member positions. Should anyone wish to do so, nominations for GSA President or Executive/Non-Executive Member positions are required in writing at least 14 days prior to the AGM.

With reference to the GSA Committee, below are the positions which are available – all roles denoted with * can be job shared, which would mean that you could simply do one task for the season.

Executive Positions
Vice President
Fixtures Secretary*
PR & Press Officer*
Registrations Secretary
Development Officer
Social Secretary*
Tournament Officer*
Media Secretary

Non-Executive Positions
Upton/Muratti Secretary
Island Co-Ed Coach
Travel Secretary*
Umpiring Secretary
Scorers Secretary
Trophy Secretary*

If you are not sure that you are suited, but would still like to help, please speak to Paul, Jordan or Sam or any of the current Committee Members.

Please note that although as a Member you may not be entering a Proposal or a Nomination, your presence at both Meetings would be appreciated; apologies for non-attendance will be expected. Both Meetings require the quorum number of Members to be present in order that they can take place. Furthermore, each eligible Member is able to have more than one representative in attendance however each eligible Member or Executive Member is entitled to only one vote.