Muratti & Upton’s – September 7th, 2019

23 August 2019 | News

Thank you to all those who made the choice to come to the Open Island Training Sessions over the past two weeks.

The Island coaches have selected the following 29 players to represent Guernsey in the Muratti’s on September 7th, 2019.

Abbie Foreman 
Alex Rowe 
Ben Corson 
Ben Youlton 
Cal Le Lacheur 
Chrissi McColl 
Cody Gallienne 
Danielle Youlton 
Emilie Batiste
Emily Best
Emily Kimber
Georgia Harvey
Jake Emly
Jake Mahy
Jason Smith 
Jemma Wilson
Joe Mariess
John Rihoy
Katie Cochrane
Kirstie Marquis
Marc Rihoy
Matt Dorey
Matt Kershaw
Rachel Mauger
Ross Machon
Sam Goddard
Shelley Blampied
Sophie Warren
Zach Masterton

Changes may be made at the coaches discretion.

Good luck to everyone taking part – not forgetting the two Division winners KJ Simon Tomahawks and Cimandis The Originals playing for the Upton trophies!