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2019 Season

Junior Development training starts on Saturday, May 11th 2019 at 09.30.

The Junior Development training sessions are open to all secondary (11 to 16) age pupils. The team of coaches welcomes anyone, no matter what gender or experience they have.  The training sessions take place on the upper softball diamond at Beau Sejour.

Sam Richardson formed a Youth team for the 2018 season called the “Misfits”.  They faced strong teams for their first season but showed great promise despite losing every game bar one! Some of the young players definitely proved that they are “ones to watch”!  This year, 2019, “Misfits” have entered two teams into Division Two.

This year also sees the continuation of the Minis Development League with the exciting prospect of starting up their own Mini League! Watch this space!!

This is available to all children aged 7 to 10. The league has again been sponsored by the Ray Lowe Sporting Foundation which was created in memory of the late Ray Lowe with a main focus of providing financial and other support to young Guernsey people participating in sport.

The Minis Development training sessions take place on the lower softball diamond at Beau Sejour behind the netball courts and commence on Saturday, May 4th 2019 at 9.30.

You can keep up to date with all current training news by calling the GSA hotline – 12084 – or following the GSA Facebook page.  Any queries or for further information do not hesitate to contact Adrian “Drain” Windsor-Smith (Junior Development Officer), Di Windsor-Smith (Junior Development Officer) or Sam Richardson (Minis Development Officer).



Why Choose Softball?

Softball is able to offer you a team sport where you will play in both the offense (batting) and the defense (fielding).  Being a team sport, you will meet and interact with like-minded people of a similar age.  The sport will provide you with the opportunity to greatly develop your athletic abilities and your level of fitness.  Running is always a part of the sport as are the fundamentals of Throwing, Catching and Batting.

Softball is a great sport for developing good hand/eye and over-all co-ordination.  It is also a tactical sport so there are not just physical challenges, there are mental as well.  These will present themselves to you as an individual, but also together as a team.  With a little bit of time, your efforts will bring you rewards.  Dane, along with the coaches, are approachable and on-hand to offer advice and correct tutoring in order that you can be your best…. and of course to ensure that you take full enjoyment from the sport.

More than 20 million girls, boys, women and men in over 127 countries enjoy softball.  Softball was derived from the popular American national pass-time of Baseball and was initially conceived as an indoor version of Baseball.  The sport eventually developed into a faster game and as technology improved it was forced to become an outdoor sport.  You would be excused for believing that, as the name suggests, “Softball” is played using a “soft” ball.  The term “Softball” is what the original indoor game was conceived as, in order to differentiate it from the game of Baseball, which back then was actually known as “Hardball”.  An official outdoor softball is not soft!

Click An Idiots guide to Softball for more information!


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