Click here to download a pdf version of The Pony Inn 2018 Fixtures (as at 02/05/2018).

21/05/2018Mon18:30MensSarnia Leadworks TornadoesTitansTopDrunken Duck Rangers
22/05/2018Tue18:301st DivDrop the L HornetsKJ Simon TomahawksTopEast Harbour Buccaneers
22/05/2018Tue18:301st DivNE Electric RookiesTrust Corporation TornadoesBotTigers
23/05/2018Wed18:30MensDrunken Duck RangersR&D De Jersey RebelsTopTitans
24/05/2018Thu18:302nd DivMisfitsManor Farm SluggersTopOff The Wall Outlaws
24/05/2018Thu18:302nd DivE & G PiratesRaptorsBotFirst Names
25/05/2018FriTBCXIsland Training
26/05/2018Sat09:30 - 11:00DevMini's & Junior Development - Cancelled re Tournament
26/05/2018SatAll DayTournFirst Division Open Tournament
27/05/2018SunAll DayTourn
28/05/2018Mon18:30MensTitansManor MenTopSarnia Leadworks Tornadoes
29/05/2018Tue18:301st DivKJ Simon TomahawksTigersTopTrust Corporation Tornadoes
29/05/2018Tue18:301st DivEast Harbour BuccaneersDrop the L HornetsBotNE Electric Rookies
30/05/2018Wed18:30MensR&D De Jersey RebelsSarnia Leadworks TornadoesTopDrunken Duck Rangers
31/05/2018Thu18:302nd DivCimandis The OriginalsNerineTopOff The Wall Outlaws
31/05/2018Thu18:302nd DivLock-In Hit SquadE & G PiratesBotRaptors
01/06/2018Fri18:30MensManor MenDrunken Duck RangersTopTitans
02/06/2018Sat09:30 - 11:00DevMini's & Junior Development
02/06/2018Sat12:001st DivTigersEast Harbour BuccaneersTopNE Electric Rookies
02/06/2018Sat12:002nd DivOff The Wall OutlawsMisfitsBotLock-In Hit Squad
02/06/2018Sat14:002nd DivE & G PiratesFirst NamesTopEast Harbour Buccaneers
02/06/2018Sat14:001st DivTrust Corporation TornadoesKJ Simon TomahawksBotDrop the L Hornets
02/06/2018Sat16:002nd DivNerineRaptorsTopE & G Pirates
02/06/2018Sat16:001st DivDrop the L HornetsNE Electric RookiesBotTrust Corporation Tornadoes
03/06/2018SunTBCxIsland Training
04/06/2018Mon18:30MensR&D De Jersey RebelsTitansTopManor Men
05/06/2018Tue18:301st DivNE Electric RookiesKJ Simon TomahawksTopTrust Corporation Tornadoes
05/06/2018Tue18:301st DivTigersDrop the L HornetsBotEast Harbour Buccaneers
06/06/2018Wed18:30MensDrunken Duck RangersSarnia Leadworks TornadoesTopManor Men
07/06/2018Thu18:302nd DivCimandis The OriginalsMisfitsTopTigers
07/06/2018Thu18:302nd DivRaptorsLock-In Hit SquadBotFirst Names
08/06/2018Fri18:30MensManor MenR&D De Jersey RebelsTopDrunken Duck Rangers
09/06/2018Sat09:30 - 11:00DevMini's & Junior Development
09/06/2018Sat12:001st DivTrust Corporation TornadoesTigersTopEast Harbour Buccaneers
09/06/2018Sat12:002nd DivFirst NamesOff The Wall OutlawsBotTigers
09/06/2018Sat14:002nd DivManor Farm SluggersNerineTopKJ Simon Tomahawks
09/06/2018Sat14:001st DivEast Harbour BuccaneersNE Electric RookiesBotTigers
09/06/2018Sat16:002nd DivCimandis The OriginalsE & G PiratesTopRaptors
09/06/2018Sat16:002nd DivLock-In Hit SquadMisfitsBotManor Farm Sluggers
10/06/2018SunTBCxIsland TrainingAll
11/06/2018Mon18:30MensTitansDrunken Duck RangersTopR&D De Jersey Rebels
12/06/2018Tue18:301st DivNE Electric RookiesTigersTopDrop the L Hornets
13/06/2018Wed18:30MensSarnia Leadworks TornadoesManor MenTopR&D De Jersey Rebels
14/06/2018Thu18:302nd DivNerineFirst NamesTopManor Farm Sluggers
14/06/2018Thu18:302nd DivOff The Wall OutlawsRaptorsBotEast Harbour Buccaneers
15/06/2018Fri18:30MensTitansR&D De Jersey RebelsTopManor Men
16/06/2018Sat09:30 - 11:00DevMini's & Junior Development
16/06/2018Sat12:002nd DivMisfitsFirst NamesTopLock-In Hit Squad
16/06/2018Sat14:001st DivDrop the L HornetsTrust Corporation TornadoesTopEast Harbour Buccaneers
16/06/2018Sat14:002nd DivE & G PiratesManor Farm SluggersBotCimandis The Originals
16/06/2018Sat16:001st DivKJ Simon TomahawksEast Harbour BuccaneersTopDrop the L Hornets
17/06/2018SunTBCxIsland Training
18/06/2018Mon18:30MensTitansSarnia Leadworks TornadoesTopDrunken Duck Rangers
19/06/2018Tue18:301st DivEast Harbour BuccaneersTrust Corporation TornadoesTopKJ Simon Tomahawks
20/06/2018Wed18:30MensR&D De Jersey RebelsDrunken Duck RangersTopTitans
21/06/2018Thu18:302nd DivOff The Wall OutlawsLock-In Hit SquadTopDrop the L Hornets
21/06/2018Thu18:302nd DivE & G PiratesNerineBotCimandis The Originals
22/06/2018Fri18:30MensManor MenTitansTopSarnia Leadworks Tornadoes
23/06/2018Sat09:30 - 11:00DevMini's & Junior Development
23/06/2018Sat12:002nd DivRaptorsMisfitsTopOff The Wall Outlaws
23/06/2018Sat12:002nd DivManor Farm SluggersFirst NamesBotCimandis The Originals
23/06/2018Sat14:002nd DivLock-In Hit SquadCimandis The OriginalsTopTrust Corporation Tornadoes
23/06/2018Sat14:001st DivDrop the L HornetsEast Harbour BuccaneersBotNE Electric Rookies
23/06/2018Sat16:001st DivKJ Simon TomahawksTrust Corporation TornadoesTopTigers
24/06/2018SunTBCxIsland Training
25/06/2018Mon18:30MensSarnia Leadworks TornadoesR&D De Jersey RebelsTopDrunken Duck Rangers
26/06/2018Tue18:301st DivTrust Corporation TornadoesNE Electric RookiesTopDrop the L Hornets
26/06/2018Tue18:301st DivTigersKJ Simon TomahawksBotEast Harbour Buccaneers
27/06/2018Wed18:30MensDrunken Duck RangersManor MenTopTitans
28/06/2018Thu18:302nd DivFirst NamesRaptorsTopE & G Pirates
28/06/2018Thu18:302nd DivCimandis The OriginalsManor Farm SluggersBotNE Electric Rookies
29/06/2018Fri18:30MensTitansR&D De Jersey RebelsTopManor Men
30/06/2018Sat09:30 - 11:00DevMini's & Junior Development
30/06/2018Sat12:001st DivNE Electric RookiesDrop the L HornetsTopTrust Corporation Tornadoes
30/06/2018Sat14:002nd DivNerineOff The Wall OutlawsTopCimandis The Originals
30/06/2018Sat14:001st DivEast Harbour BuccaneersTigersBotTrust Corporation Tornadoes
30/06/2018Sat16:002nd DivCimandis The OriginalsFirst NamesTopLock-In Hit Squad
30/06/2018Sat16:002nd DivManor Farm SluggersRaptorsBotNE Electric Rookies
01/07/2018SunTBCxIsland Training
02/07/2018Mon18:30MensSarnia Leadworks TornadoesDrunken Duck RangersTopManor Men
03/07/2018Tue18:301st DivKJ Simon TomahawksNE Electric RookiesTopEast Harbour Buccaneers
04/07/2018Wed18:30MensR&D De Jersey RebelsManor MenTopDrunken Duck Rangers
05/07/2018Thu18:302nd DivMisfitsE & G PiratesTopCimandis The Originals
05/07/2018Thu18:302nd DivLock-In Hit SquadManor Farm SluggersBotOff The Wall Outlaws
06/07/2018FrixBristol Main (Island Co-Ed Team Trip)
07/07/2018Sat09:30 - 11:00DevMini's & Junior Development
07/07/2018SatxBristol Main (Island Co-Ed Team Trip)
07/07/2018Sat12:00RGSRearranged Game Slot *Island trip consideredTop
07/07/2018Sat14:00RGSRearranged Game Slot *Island trip consideredTop
07/07/2018Sat16:00RGSRearranged Game Slot *Island trip consideredTop
08/07/2018SunxBristol Main (Island Co-Ed Team Trip)
10/07/2018Tue18:301st DivTigersTrust Corporation TornadoesTopNE Electric Rookies
11/07/2018Wed18:30MensSarnia Leadworks TornadoesTitansTopR&D De Jersey Rebels
12/07/2018Thu18:302nd DivE & G PiratesOff The Wall OutlawsTopManor Farm Sluggers
12/07/2018Thu18:302nd DivMisfitsNerineBotFirst Names
13/07/2018Fri18:30MensTitansManor MenTopDrunken Duck Rangers
14/07/2018Sat09:30 - 11:00DevMini's & Junior Development
14/07/2018Sat12:002nd DivCimandis The OriginalsRaptorsTopManor Farm Sluggers
14/07/2018Sat12:002nd DivLock-In Hit SquadFirst NamesBotE & G Pirates
14/07/2018Sat14:002nd DivOff The Wall OutlawsManor Farm SluggersTopFirst Names
14/07/2018Sat14:001st DivEast Harbour BuccaneersKJ Simon TomahawksBotDrop the L Hornets
14/07/2018Sat16:001st DivTrust Corporation TornadoesDrop the L HornetsTopTigers
15/07/2018SunKO1st Division Knock Out
15/07/2018Sun(Game 1) 10:00KOEast Harbour BuccaneersTrust Corporation TornadoesTopTigers
15/07/2018Sun(Game 2) 10:00KOKJ Simon TomahawksNE Electric RookiesBotDrop the L Hornets
15/07/2018Sun(Game 3) 12:00KOTigersDrop the L HornetsTopLoser 1 (East Harbour Buccaneers/Trust Corporation Tornadoes)
15/07/2018Sun(Game S1) 14:00KOWinner 1Winner 2TopLoser 2 (KJ Simon Tomahawks/NE Electric Rookies)
15/07/2018Sun(Final) 16:00KOWinner 3Winner S1TopLoser S1 (Winner 1/Winner 2) (GSA Plate)
15/07/2018SunTBCxIsland Training
16/07/2018Mon18:30MensDrunken Duck RangersTitansTopR&D De Jersey Rebels
17/07/2018Tue18:301st DivNE Electric RookiesEast Harbour BuccaneersTopTigers
18/07/2018Wed18:30MensR&D De Jersey RebelsSarnia Leadworks TornadoesTopTitans
19/07/2018Thu18:302nd DivRaptorsE & G PiratesTopTrust Corporation Tornadoes
19/07/2018Thu18:302nd DivNerineCimandis The OriginalsBotLock-In Hit Squad
20/07/2018Fri18:30MensDrunken Duck RangersR&D De Jersey RebelsTopSarnia Leadworks Tornadoes
21/07/2018Sat09:30 - 11:00DevMini's & Junior Development
21/07/2018Sat12:001st DivKJ Simon TomahawksDrop the L HornetsTopTigers
21/07/2018Sat12:002nd DivE & G PiratesLock-In Hit SquadBotOff The Wall Outlaws
21/07/2018Sat14:002nd DivMisfitsOff The Wall OutlawsTopFirst Names
21/07/2018Sat14:001st DivTrust Corporation TornadoesEast Harbour BuccaneersBotKJ Simon Tomahawks
21/07/2018Sat16:002nd DivRaptorsNerineTopLock-In Hit Squad
22/07/2018SunKO2nd Division Knock Out
22/07/2018Sun-KODrawings are made at random, therefore:
22/07/2018Sun(Game 1) 09:00KOE & G PiratesOff The Wall OutlawsTopRaptors
22/07/2018Sun(Game 2) 09:00KOLock-In Hit SquadFirst NamesBotCimandis The Originals
22/07/2018Sun(Game 3) 11:00KORaptorsNerineTopLoser 1 (E & G Pirates/Off The Wall Outlaws)
22/07/2018Sun(Game 4) 11:00KOCimandis The OriginalsManor Farm SluggersBotLoser 2 (Lock-In Hit Squad/First Names)
22/07/2018Sun(Game 5) 13:00KOMisfitsWinner 1TopLoser 4 (Cimandis The Originals/Manor Farm Sluggers)
22/07/2018Sun(Game S1) 15:00KOWinner 4Winner 5TopLoser 5 (Misfits/Winner 1)
22/07/2018Sun(Game S2) 15:00KOWinner 2Winner 3BotLoser S1 (Winner 4/Winner 5)
22/07/2018Sun(Final) 17:00KOWinner S1Winner S2TopLoser S2 (Winner 2/Winner 3) (GSA Plate)
22/07/2018SunTBCxIsland Training
23/07/2018Mon18:30MensManor MenSarnia Leadworks TornadoesTopR&D De Jersey Rebels
24/07/2018Tue18:30RGSRearranged Game Slot (1st Div)Top
25/07/2018Wed18:30MensManor MenDrunken Duck RangersTopR&D De Jersey Rebels
26/07/2018Thu18:302nd DivFirst NamesE & G PiratesTopOff The Wall Outlaws
26/07/2018Thu18:302nd DivMisfitsCimandis The OriginalsBotRaptors
27/07/2018Fri18:30MensR&D De Jersey RebelsTitansTopManor Men
28/07/2018Sat09:30 - 11:00DevMini's & Junior Development
28/07/2018Sat12:002nd DivLock-In Hit SquadRaptorsTopCimandis The Originals
28/07/2018Sat12:002nd DivOff The Wall OutlawsFirst NamesBotKJ Simon Tomahawks
28/07/2018Sat14:001st DivDrop the L HornetsTigersTopTrust Corporation Tornadoes
28/07/2018Sat14:00RGSRearranged Game Slot (2nd Div)Top
28/07/2018Sat16:002nd DivNerineManor Farm SluggersTopE & G Pirates
28/07/2018Sat16:00RGSRearranged Game Slot (1st Div)Top
29/07/2018SunKOMens Knock Out
29/07/2018Sun(Game 1) 10:00KODrunken Duck RangersSarnia Leadworks TornadoesTopManor Men
29/07/2018Sun(Game 2) 12:00KOManor MenTitansTopLoser 1 (Drunken Duck Rangers/Sarnia Leadworks Tornadoes)
29/07/2018Sun(Game S1) 14:00KOR&D De Jersey RebelsWinner 1TopLoser 2 (Manor Men/Titans)
29/07/2018Sun(Final) 16:00KOWinner 2Winner S1TopLoser S1 (R&D De Jersey Rebels/Winner 1) (GSA Plate)
29/07/2018SunTBCxIsland Training
30/07/2018Mon18:30MensDrunken Duck RangersManor MenTopR&D De Jersey Rebels
31/07/2018Tue18:301st DivTigersNE Electric RookiesTopDrop the L Hornets
01/08/2018Wed18:30MensDrunken Duck RangersSarnia Leadworks TornadoesTopManor Men
02/08/2018Thu18:302nd DivFirst NamesNerineTopRaptors
02/08/2018Thu18:302nd DivManor Farm SluggersE & G PiratesBotLock-In Hit Squad
03/08/2018Fri18:30MensManor MenR&D De Jersey RebelsTopSarnia Leadworks Tornadoes
04/08/2018Sat09:30 - 11:00DevMini's & Junior Development
04/08/2018Sat12:001st DivDrop the L HornetsKJ Simon TomahawksTopTigers
04/08/2018Sat12:002nd DivE & G PiratesCimandis The OriginalsBotOff The Wall Outlaws
04/08/2018Sat14:002nd DivMisfitsLock-In Hit SquadTopE & G Pirates
04/08/2018Sat14:002nd DivRaptorsOff The Wall OutlawsBotCimandis The Originals
04/08/2018Sat16:00RGSRearranged Game SlotTop
04/08/2018Sat16:00RGSRearranged Game SlotBot
05/08/2018SunKOAll Division Knock Out - ROUND ONE
05/08/2018Sun-KODrawings are made at random, therefore:
05/08/2018Sun(Game 1) 10:00KOCimandis The OriginalsRaptorsTopFirst Names
05/08/2018Sun(Game 2) 10:00KOLock-In Hit SquadTrust Corporation TornadoesBotOff The Wall Outlaws
05/08/2018Sun(Game 3) 12:00KOFirst NamesOff The Wall OutlawsTopLoser 1 (Cimandis The Originals/Raptors)
05/08/2018Sun(Game 4) 12:00KOTigersManor Farm SluggersBotLoser 2 (Lock-In Hit Squad/Trust Corporation Tornadoes)
05/08/2018Sun(Game 5) 14:00KODrop the L HornetsNerineTopLoser 3 (First Names/Off The Wall Outlaws)
05/08/2018Sun(Game 6) 14:00KOEast Harbour BuccaneersE & G PiratesBotLoser 4 (Tigers/Manor Farm Sluggers)
05/08/2018Sun(Game 7) 16:00KOKJ Simon TomahawksMisfitsTopLoser 5 (Drop the L Hornets/Nerine)
05/08/2018Sun(Game 8) 16:00KONE Electric RookiesWinner 3BotLoser 6 (East Harbour Buccaneers/E & G Pirates)
05/08/2018SunTBCxIsland Training
07/08/2018Tue18:301st DivKJ Simon TomahawksNE Electric RookiesTopEast Harbour Buccaneers
08/08/2018Wed18:30MensTitansDrunken Duck RangersTopSarnia Leadworks Tornadoes
09/08/2018Thu18:302nd DivFirst NamesMisfitsTopCimandis The Originals
10/08/2018Fri18:30MensSarnia Leadworks TornadoesManor MenTopTitans
11/08/2018Sat09:30 - 11:00DevMini's & Junior Development
11/08/2018Sat12:002nd DivNerineLock-In Hit SquadTopEast Harbour Buccaneers
11/08/2018Sat14:002nd DivOff The Wall OutlawsCimandis The OriginalsTopE & G Pirates
11/08/2018Sat16:002nd DivManor Farm SluggersMisfitsTopRaptors
12/08/2018SunKOAll Division Knock Out - ROUND TWO
12/08/2018Sun-KODrawings are made at random, therefore:
12/08/2018Sun(Game Q1) 10:00KOWinner 5 (Drop the L Hornets/Nerine)Winner 6 (East Harbour Buccaneers/E & G Pirates)TopLoser 8 (NE Electric Rookies/Winner 3)
12/08/2018Sun(Game Q2) 10:00KOWinner 8 (NE Electric Rookies/Winner 3)Winner 4 (Tigers/Manor Farm Sluggers)BotLoser 7 (KJ Simon Tomahawks/Misfits)
12/08/2018Sun(Game Q3) 12:00KOWinner 1 (Cimandis The Originals/Raptors)Winner 2 (Lock-In Hit Squad/Trust Corporation Tornadoes)TopLoser Q1
12/08/2018Sun(Game S1) 12:00KOWinner 7 (KJ Simon Tomahawks/Misfits)Winner Q1BotLoser Q2
12/08/2018Sun(Game S2) 14:00KOWinner Q3Winner Q2TopLoser Q3
12/08/2018Sun(Final) 16:00KOWinner S1Winner S2TopLoser S2 (GSA PLate)
12/08/2018SunTBCXIsland Training
14/08/2018Tue18:30RGSRearranged Game Slot (1st Div)Top
15/08/2018Wed18:30RGSRearranged Game Slot (Mens)Top
16/08/2018Thu18:30RGSRearranged Game Slot (2nd Div)Top
17/08/2018FrixBristol wRec
18/08/2018Sat09:30 - 11:00DevMini's & Junior Development
18/08/2018SatxBristol wRec
21/08/2018Tue18:30RGSRearranged Game Slot (1st Div)Top
22/08/2018Wed18:30RGSRearranged Game Slot (Mens)Top
23/08/2018Thu18:30RGSRearranged Game Slot (2nd Div)Top
25/08/2018Sat09:30 - 11:00DevMini's & Junior Development - Cancelled re Tournament
25/08/2018SatAll DayTournSecond Division Closed Tournament
26/08/2018SunAll DayTourn
28/08/2018Tue18:30RGSRearranged Game Slot (1st Div)Top
29/08/2018Wed18:30RGSRearranged Game Slot (Mens)Top
30/08/2018Thu18:30RGSRearranged Game Slot (2nd Div)Top
01/09/2018Sat12:00RGSRearranged Game SlotTop
01/09/2018Sat14:00RGSRearranged Game SlotTop
01/09/2018Sat16:00RGSRearranged Game SlotTop
04/09/2018Tue18:30RGSRearranged Game Slot (1st Div)Top
05/09/2018Wed18:30RGSRearranged Game Slot (Mens)Top
06/09/2018Thu18:30RGSRearranged Game Slot (2nd Div)Top
07/09/2018Fri-Softball World Series (Island Co-Ed Team Trip)
11/09/2018Tue18:301st DivBestRestTopGSA
13/09/2018Thu18:302nd DivBestRestTopGSA
15/09/2018SatTBC2nd Div UptonJersey 2nd Div League WinnerGuernsey 2nd Div League Winner-JSA
15/09/2018SatTBC1st Div UptonJersey 1st Div League WinnerGuernsey 1st Div League Winner-JSA
15/09/2018SatTBCMuratti BJersey BGuernsey B-JSA
15/09/2018SatTBCMuratti AJersey AGuernsey A-JSA

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