Click here to download a pdf version of The Pony Inn 2018 Fixtures (as at 02/05/2018).

Now on 15/08/2018 (from 28/05)Mon18:30MensTitansManor MenTopSarnia Leadworks Tornadoes
Now on 22/08/2018 (from 18/06)Mon18:30MensTitansSarnia Leadworks TornadoesTopDrunken Duck Rangers
To be rearranged (24/07/2018)Tue18:301st Div KO FinalDrop the L Hornets (Winner 3)Trust Corporation Tornadoes (Winner S1)TopKJ Simon Tomahawks (Loser S1) (GSA Plate)
15/08/2018 (from 28/05)Wed18:30MensTitansManor MenTopSarnia Leadworks Tornadoes
16/08/2018Thu18:30RGSRearranged Game Slot (2nd Div)Top
17/08/2018Fri-Bristol wRec
18/08/2018Sat09:30 - 11:00DevMini's & Junior Development
18/08/2018Sat-Bristol wRec
21/08/2018Tue18:30RGSRearranged Game Slot (1st Div)Top
22/08/2018 (from 18/06)Wed18:30MensTitansSarnia Leadworks TornadoesTopDrunken Duck Rangers
23/08/2018Thu18:30RGSRearranged Game Slot (2nd Div)Top
25/08/2018Sat09:30 - 11:00DevMini's & Junior Development - Cancelled re Tournament
25/08/2018SatAll DaySecond Division Closed Tournament
26/08/2018SunAll Day
28/08/2018Tue18:30RGSRearranged Game Slot (1st Div)Top
29/08/2018Wed18:30RGSRearranged Game Slot (Mens)Top
30/08/2018Thu18:30RGSRearranged Game Slot (2nd Div)Top
01/09/2018Sat12:00RGSRearranged Game SlotTop
01/09/2018Sat14:00RGSRearranged Game SlotTop
01/09/2018Sat16:00RGSRearranged Game SlotTop
04/09/2018Tue18:30RGSRearranged Game Slot (1st Div)Top
05/09/2018Wed18:30RGSRearranged Game Slot (Mens)Top
06/09/2018Thu18:30RGSRearranged Game Slot (2nd Div)Top
07/09/2018Fri-Softball World Series (Island Co-Ed Team Trip)
11/09/2018Tue18:301st DivBestRestTopGSA
13/09/2018Thu18:302nd DivBestRestTopGSA
15/09/2018SatTBC2nd Div UptonJersey 2nd Div League WinnerRaptors (Guernsey 2nd Div League Winner)-JSA
15/09/2018SatTBC1st Div UptonJersey 1st Div League WinnerKJ Simon Tomahawks (Guernsey 1st Div League Winner)-JSA
15/09/2018SatTBCMuratti BJersey BGuernsey B-JSA
15/09/2018SatTBCMuratti AJersey AGuernsey A-JSA

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