Click here to download a pdf version of The Pony Inn 2019 Fixtures (as at 19/04/2019).

27/06/2019Thu18:302nd DivManor Farm DonkeysE & G PiratesTopKJ Simon Tomahawks
27/06/2019Thu18:302nd DivCimandis The OriginalsSluggersBotNE Electric Rookies
28/06/2019Fri18:30RGSRearranged Game Slot (Mens)Top
29/06/2019SatMajor League Baseball - London
29/06/2019Sat09:30 - 11:00DevMini's & Junior DevelopmentAll
29/06/2019Sat12:002nd DivMisfits BLock-In Hit SquadTopSluggers
29/06/2019Sat12:002nd DivIQ-EQCimandis The OriginalsBotE & G Pirates
29/06/2019Sat14:002nd DivE & G PiratesOff the Wall OutlawsTopIQ-EQ
29/06/2019Sat14:00RGSRearranged Game SlotBot
29/06/2019Sat16:002nd DivOff the Wall OutlawsMisfits ATopCimandis The Originals
29/06/2019Sat16:00RGSRearranged Game SlotBot
30/06/2019SunAnyRGSRearranged Game SlotTop
30/06/2019SunAnyRGSRearranged Game SlotBot
30/06/2019SunMajor League Baseball - London
30/06/2019SunTBCxIsland Training - Cancelled re Baseball WeekendAll
01/07/2019Mon18:30RGSRearranged Game Slot (Mens)Top
02/07/2019Tue18:301st DivDrop the L HornetsKJ Simon TomahawksTopNE Electric Rookies
02/07/2019Tue18:301st DivTrust Corporation TornadoesRaptorsBotEast Harbour Buccaneers
03/07/2019Wed18:30MensTitansSarnia Leadworks TornadoesTopNorman Piette Rangers
04/07/2019Thu18:302nd DivSluggersIQ-EQBotOff the Wall Outlaws
04/07/2019Thu18:302nd DivLock-In Hit SquadMisfits ATopCimandis The Originals
05/07/2019Fri-xIsland Games
05/07/2019Fri18:30MensNorman Piette RangersRefCo RaidersTopSarnia Leadworks Tornadoes
06/07/2019Sat-xIsland Games
06/07/2019Sat09:30 - 11:00DevMini's & Junior DevelopmentAll
06/07/2019Sat12:002nd DivMisfits ASluggersTopOff the Wall Outlaws
06/07/2019Sat12:001st DivTrust Corporation TornadoesDrop the L HornetsBotNE Electric Rookies
06/07/2019Sat14:002nd DivManor Farm DonkeysCimandis The OriginalsTopDrop the L Hornets
06/07/2019Sat14:001st DivKJ Simon TomahawksNE Electric RookiesBotEast Harbour Buccaneers
06/07/2019Sat16:002nd DivLock-In Hit SquadE & G PiratesTopManor Farm Donkeys
06/07/2019Sat16:00RGSRearranged Game SlotBot
07/07/2019Sun-xIsland Games
07/07/2019SunAnyRGSRearranged Game SlotTop
07/07/2019SunAnyRGSRearranged Game SlotBot
07/07/2019SunTBCxIsland TrainingAll
08/07/2019MonxIsland Games
08/07/2019Mon18:30RGSRearranged Game Slot (Mens)Top
09/07/2019TuexIsland Games
09/07/2019Tue18:301st DivEast Harbour BuccaneersKJ Simon TomahawksTopTrust Corporation Tornadoes
09/07/2019Tue18:301st DivDrop the L HornetsRaptorsBotNE Electric Rookies
10/07/2019WedxIsland Games
10/07/2019Wed18:30MensSarnia Leadworks TornadoesRefCo RaidersTopTitans
11/07/2019ThuxIsland Games
11/07/2019Thu18:302nd DivMisfits BE & G PiratesTopIQ-EQ
11/07/2019Thu18:30RGSRearranged Game Slot (2nd Div)Bot
12/07/2019FrixIsland Games
12/07/2019FriWindsor Tournament (Island Co-Ed Team Trip)
13/07/2019Sat09:30 - 11:00DevMini's & Junior DevelopmentAll
13/07/2019SatWindsor Tournament (Island Co-Ed Team Trip)
13/07/2019SatxIsland Games
13/07/2019Sat12:00RGSRearranged Game Slot *Island trip consideredTop
13/07/2019Sat14:00RGSRearranged Game Slot *Island trip consideredTop
13/07/2019Sat16:00RGSRearranged Game Slot *Island trip consideredTop
14/07/2019SunWindsor Tournament (Island Co-Ed Team Trip)
15/07/2019Mon18:30RGSRearranged Game Slot (Mens)*Island trip consideredTop
16/07/2019Tue18:301st DivRaptorsEast Harbour BuccaneersTopKJ Simon Tomahawks
16/07/2019Tue18:301st DivNE Electric RookiesTrust Corporation TornadoesBotDrop the L Hornets
17/07/2019Wed18:30MensTitansNorman Piette RangersTopRefCo Raiders
18/07/2019Thu18:302nd DivManor Farm DonkeysSluggersTopIQ-EQ
18/07/2019Thu18:302nd DivMisfits ALock-In Hit SquadBotE & G Pirates
19/07/2019Fri18:30RGSRearranged Game Slot (Mens)Top
20/07/2019Sat09:30 - 11:00DevMini's & Junior DevelopmentAll
20/07/2019Sat12:001st DivRaptorsKJ Simon TomahawksTopDrop the L Hornets
20/07/2019Sat12:002nd DivMisfits BCimandis The OriginalsBotSluggers
20/07/2019Sat14:001st DivDrop the L HornetsTrust Corporation TornadoesBotNE Electric Rookies
20/07/2019Sat14:002nd DivIQ-EQOff the Wall OutlawsTopLock-In Hit Squad
20/07/2019Sat16:002nd DivLock-In Hit SquadSluggersTopOff the Wall Outlaws
20/07/2019Sat16:002nd DivE & G PiratesManor Farm DonkeysBotCimandis The Originals
21/07/2019SunAnyRGSRearranged Game SlotTop
21/07/2019SunAnyRGSRearranged Game SlotBot
21/07/2019SunTBCxIsland TrainingAll
22/07/2019Mon18:30MensTitansRefCo RaidersTopSarnia Leadworks Tornadoes
23/07/2019Tue18:301st DivNE Electric RookiesTrust Corporation TornadoesTopDrop the L Hornets
23/07/2019Tue18:301st DivEast Harbour BuccaneersKJ Simon TomahawksBotRaptors
24/07/2019Wed18:30MensSarnia Leadworks TornadoesNorman Piette RangersTopTitans
25/07/2019Thu18:302nd DivOff the Wall OutlawsE & G PiratesBotSluggers
25/07/2019Thu18:302nd DivCimandis The OriginalsMisfits BTopNE Electric Rookies
26/07/2019Fri18:30RGSRearranged Game Slot (Mens)Top
27/07/2019Sat09:30 - 11:00DevMini's & Junior DevelopmentAll
27/07/2019Sat12:001st DivRaptorsNE Electric RookiesTopKJ Simon Tomahawks
27/07/2019Sat12:002nd DivCimandis The OriginalsIQ-EQBotTrust Corporation Tornadoes
27/07/2019Sat14:002nd DivSluggersMisfits ATopOff the Wall Outlaws
27/07/2019Sat14:00RGSRearranged Game Slot (1st Div)Bot
27/07/2019Sat16:001st DivDrop the L HornetsEast Harbour BuccaneersTopKJ Simon Tomahawks
27/07/2019Sat16:002nd DivLock-In Hit SquadMisfits BBotManor Farm Donkeys
28/07/2019Sun-2nd Division Knock Out
28/07/2019Sun-Drawings are made at random, therefore:
28/07/2019Sun(Game 1) 09:00KOManor Farm DonkeysSluggersTopMisfits B
28/07/2019Sun(Game 2) 09:00KOCimandis The OriginalsE & G PiratesBotOff the Wall Outlaws
28/07/2019Sun(Game 3) 11:00KOMisfits BLock-In Hit SquadTopLoser 1 (Manor Farm Donkeys/Sluggers)
28/07/2019Sun(Game 4) 11:00KOOff the Wall OutlawsMisfits ABotLoser 2 (Cimandis The Originals/E & G Pirates)
28/07/2019Sun(Game 5) 13:00KOIQ-EQWinner 1TopLoser 4 (Off the Wall Outlaws/Misfits A)
28/07/2019Sun(Game S1) 15:00KOWinner 4Winner 5TopLoser 5 (IQ-EQ/Winner 1)
28/07/2019Sun(Game S2) 15:00KOWinner 2Winner 3BotLoser S1 (Winner 4/Winner 5)
28/07/2019Sun(Final) 17:00KOWinner S1Winner S2TopLoser S2 (Winner 2/Winner 3) (GSA Plate)
28/07/2019SunTBCxIsland TrainingAll
29/07/2019Mon18:30MensSarnia Leadworks TornadoesTitansTopRefCo Raiders
30/07/2019Tue18:301st DivNE Electric RookiesKJ Simon TomahawksTopTrust Corporation Tornadoes
30/07/2019Tue18:30RGSRearranged Game Slot (1st Div)Bot
31/07/2019Wed18:30MensRefCo RaidersNorman Piette RangersTopTitans
01/08/2019Thu18:302nd DivE & G PiratesMisfits ATopCimandis The Originals
01/08/2019Thu18:302nd DivIQ-EQManor Farm DonkeysBotCimandis The Originals
02/08/2019Fri18:30RGSRearranged Game Slot (Mens)Top
03/08/2019Sat09:30 - 11:00DevMini's & Junior DevelopmentAll
03/08/2019Sat12:001st DivTrust Corporation TornadoesNE Electric RookiesTopRaptors
03/08/2019Sat12:002nd DivMisfits ACimandis The OriginalsBotManor Farm Donkeys
03/08/2019Sat14:002nd DivOff the Wall OutlawsSluggersTopIQ-EQ
03/08/2019Sat14:001st DivKJ Simon TomahawksEast Harbour BuccaneersBotNE Electric Rookies
03/08/2019Sat16:002nd DivLock-In Hit SquadIQ-EQTopSluggers
03/08/2019Sat16:001st DivRaptorsDrop the L HornetsBotEast Harbour Buccaneers
04/08/2019Sun-1st Division Knock Out
04/08/2019Sun(Game 1) 10:00KOTrust Corporation TornadoesEast Harbour BuccaneersTopKJ Simon Tomahawks
04/08/2019Sun(Game 2) 10:00KONE Electric RookiesRaptorsBotDrop the L Hornets
04/08/2019Sun(Game 3) 12:00KOKJ Simon TomahawksDrop the L HornetsTopLoser 1 (Trust Corporation Tornadoes/East Harbour Buccaneers)
04/08/2019Sun(Game S1) 14:00KOWinner 1Winner 2TopLoser 2 (NE Electric Rookies/Raptors)
04/08/2019Sun(Final) 16:00KOWinner 3Winner S1TopLoser S1 (Winner 1/Winner 2) (GSA Plate)
04/08/2019SunTBCxIsland TrainingAll
05/08/2019Mon18:30MensNorman Piette RangersTitansTopSarnia Leadworks Tornadoes
06/08/2019Tue18:301st DivEast Harbour BuccaneersRaptorsTopDrop the L Hornets
06/08/2019Tue18:301st DivTrust Corporation TornadoesEast Harbour BuccaneersBotKJ Simon Tomahawks
07/08/2019Wed18:30MensRefCo RaidersSarnia Leadworks TornadoesTopNorman Piette Rangers
08/08/2019Thu18:302nd DivCimandis The OriginalsE & G PiratesTopKJ Simon Tomahawks
08/08/2019Thu18:302nd DivMisfits BOff the Wall OutlawsBotLock-In Hit Squad
09/08/2019Fri18:30RGSRearranged Game Slot (Mens)Top
10/08/2019Sat09:30 - 11:00DevMini's & Junior DevelopmentAll
10/08/2019Sat12:00RGSRearranged Game Slot (1st Div)Bot
10/08/2019Sat12:002nd DivMisfits AManor Farm DonkeysTopRaptors
10/08/2019Sat14:001st DivRaptorsTrust Corporation TornadoesTopKJ Simon Tomahawks
10/08/2019Sat14:002nd DivCimandis The OriginalsLock-In Hit SquadBotSluggers
10/08/2019Sat16:001st DivDrop the L HornetsNE Electric RookiesTopTrust Corporation Tornadoes
10/08/2019Sat16:002nd DivSluggersE & G PiratesBotManor Farm Donkeys
11/08/2019Sun10:00RGSRearranged Game SlotTop
11/08/2019Sun10:00RGSRearranged Game SlotBot
11/08/2019Sun-Mens Knock Out
11/08/2019Sun(Game 2) 12:00KOSarnia Leadworks TornadoesRefCo RaidersTopTitans
11/08/2019Sun(Game S1) 14:00KOTitansNorman Piette RangersTopLoser 2 (Sarnia Leadworks Tornadoes/Ref /co Raiders)
11/08/2019Sun(Final) 16:00KOWinner 1Winner 2TopLoser S1 (Titans/Norman Piette Rangers) (GSA Plate)
11/08/2019SunTBCxIsland TrainingAll
12/08/2019Mon18:30MensNorman Piette RangersSarnia Leadworks TornadoesTopRefCo Raiders
13/08/2019Tue18:301st DivNE Electric RookiesEast Harbour BuccaneersTopDrop the L Hornets
13/08/2019Tue18:301st DivKJ Simon TomahawksRaptorsBotTrust Corporation Tornadoes
14/08/2019Wed18:30MensRefCo RaidersTitansTopNorman Piette Rangers
15/08/2019Thu18:302nd DivManor Farm DonkeysOff the Wall OutlawsTopE & G Pirates
15/08/2019Thu18:302nd DivMisfits BMisfits ABotLock-In Hit Squad
16/08/2019Fri18:30RGSRearranged Game Slot (Mens)Top
17/08/2019Sat09:30 - 11:00DevMini's & Junior DevelopmentAll
17/08/2019SatBristol wRECk / GLSML Lastball Tournaments
17/08/2019Sat12:001st DivEast Harbour BuccaneersDrop the L HornetsTopNE Electric Rookies
17/08/2019Sat12:002nd DivSluggersMisfits BBotOff the Wall Outlaws
17/08/2019Sat14:00RGSRearranged Game Slot (2nd Div)Bot
17/08/2019Sat14:001st DivNE Electric RookiesRaptorsBotDrop the L Hornets
17/08/2019Sat16:002nd DivOff the Wall OutlawsCimandis The OriginalsTopIQ-EQ
17/08/2019Sat16:00RGSRearranged Game Slot (1st Div)Bot
18/08/2019SunBristol wRECk / GLSML Lastball Tournaments
18/08/2019Sun18:30RGSRearranged Game SlotTop
18/08/2019Sun18:30RGSRearranged Game SlotBot
18/08/2019SunTBCxIsland TrainingAll
19/08/2019Mon18:30RGSRearranged Game Slot (Mens)Top
20/08/2019Tue18:301st DivTrust Corporation TornadoesKJ Simon TomahawksTopDrop the L Hornets
20/08/2019Tue18:30RGSRearranged Game Slot (1st Div)Bot
21/08/2019Wed18:30RGSRearranged Game Slot (Mens)Top
22/08/2019Thu18:302nd DivE & G PiratesIQ-EQTopSluggers
22/08/2019Thu18:302nd DivManor Farm DonkeysLock-In Hit SquadTopOff the Wall Outlaws
23/08/2019Fri18:30RGSRearranged Game Slot (Mens)Top
24/08/2019Sat09:30 - 11:00DevMini's & Junior Development - Cancelled re TournamentAll
24/08/2019Sat-Second Division Closed Tournament
25/08/2019SunTBCRGSRearranged Game SlotTop
25/08/2019SunTBCxIsland TrainingAll
26/08/2019MonTBCBKHBank HolidayAll
26/08/2019Mon18:30RGSRearranged Game Slot (Mens)Top
27/08/2019Tue18:30RGSRearranged Game Slot (1st Div)Top
27/08/2019Tue18:30RGSRearranged Game Slot (1st Div)Bot
28/08/2019Wed18:30RGSRearranged Game Slot (Mens)Top
29/08/2019Thu18:302nd DivOff the Wall OutlawsIQ-EQTopE & G Pirates
29/08/2019Thu18:302nd DivSluggersManor Farm DonkeysBotLock-In Hit Squad
30/08/2019Fri18:30RGSRearranged Game Slot (Mens)Top
31/08/2019Sat09:30 - 11:00DevMini's & Junior DevelopmentAll
31/08/2019Sat-All Division Knock Out - ROUND ONE
31/08/2019-Drawings are made at random, therefore:
31/08/2019Sat(Game 1) 10:00KOSluggersTrust Corporation TornadoesTopRaptors
31/08/2019Sat(Game 2) 10:00KOCimandis The OriginalsMisfits BBotOff the Wall Outlaws
31/08/2019Sat(Game 3) 12:00KORaptorsOff the Wall OutlawsTopLoser 1 (Sluggers/Trust Corporation Tornadoes)
31/08/2019Sat(Game 4) 12:00KOE & G PiratesNE Electric RookiesBotLoser 2 (Cimandis The Originals/Misfits B)
31/08/2019Sat(Game 5) 14:00KOKJ Simon TomahawksManor Farm DonkeysTopLoser 3 (Raptors/Off the Wall Outlaws)
31/08/2019Sat(Game 6) 14:00KOLock-In Hit SquadMisfits ABotLoser 4 (E & G Pirates/NE Electric Rookies)
31/08/2019Sat(Game 7) 16:00KOEast Harbour BuccaneersIQ-EQTopLoser 5 (KJ Simon Tomahawks/Manor Farm Donkeys)
31/08/2019Sat(Game 8) 16:00KODrop the L HornetsWinner 3BotLoser 6 (Lock-In Hit Squad/Misfits A)
01/09/2019Sun-All Division Knock Out - ROUND TWO
01/09/2019-Drawings are made at random, therefore:
01/09/2019Sun(Game Q1) 10:00KOWinner 5 (KJ Simon Tomahawks/Manor Farm Donkeys)Winner 6 (Lock-In Hit Squad/Misfits A)TopLoser 8 (Drop the L Hornets/Winner 3)
01/09/2019Sun(Game Q2) 10:00KOWinner 8 (Drop the L Hornets/Winner 3)Winner 4 (E & G Pirates/NE Electric Rookies)BotLoser 7 (East Harbour Buccaneers/IQ-EQ)
01/09/2019Sun(Game Q3) 12:00KOWinner 1 (Sluggers/Trust Corporation Tornadoes)Winner 2 (Cimandis The Originals/Misfits B)TopLoser Q1
01/09/2019Sun(Game S1) 12:00KOWinner 7 (East Harbour Buccaneers/IQ-EQ)Winner Q1BotLoser Q2
01/09/2019Sun(Game S2) 14:00KOWinner Q3Winner Q2TopLoser Q3
01/09/2019Sun(Final) 16:00KOWinner S1Winner S2TopLoser S2 (GSA PLate)
18/08/2019SunTBCxIsland TrainingAll
02/09/2019Mon18:30RGSRearranged Game Slot (Mens)Top
03/09/2019Tue18:301st DivBestRestTopGSA
05/09/2019Thu18:302nd DivBestRestTopGSA
07/09/2019SatTBCPROVISIONAL DATE - Muratti's & Upton's
07/09/2019Sat-Softball World Series

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