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USAF Gadgets (Burtonwood)

Gadgets Arrival

Following from the 70th celebrations in 2006 and the coverage on our web site I received an e-mail from a gentleman called Jim Cossetta. Jim’s father, Vic actually visited Guernsey in 1949 with USAF Gadgets fastpitch softball team. This team was one of the very first to visit Guernsey and they went onto be regular visitors to the island in the 1950’s playing our early Island sides no less than 38 times over a 10 year period. According to GSA records they even played Guernsey in Jersey!

After various e-mails between us we were able to set up a telephone call from Vic to Tony Smith, an ex-President of the GSA and Jason Smith’s Uncle, whose memory of softball of this era is far better than mine as I wasn’t alive but Tony was a sprightly teenager during the 50’s.

Gadgets Arrival 2

Those of you quick with the math would also have figured it out that Vic Cossetta must now be thoroughly enjoying his retirement years and is obviously a fantastic advertisement for the benefits of enjoying softball!

Jim has been kind enough to forward some photographs from those early Gadget tours to Guernsey and allowed us to use them on our site. Included is also a very early press cutting, which shows the crowds that were attracted to this “new” sport. It is hoped that some more material is also on its way from the USA and we will make that available on the site as soon as possible.

Gadgets Press Photos

It is a fantastic thought that through the enjoyment of softball so many players have visited Guernsey over the 70 years (and counting) and still hold the Island in such high regard that they are willing to share their memories and contact the GSA.

Gadgets Team

It is also great to know that there are now GSA 70th Anniversary shirts being worn is the USA by USAF Gadget players from all those years ago.

Paul Vaudin

President (1997 – 2007)