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2016 Softball Results

23/04/20161st DivEast Harbour Buccaneers6NE Electric Rookies20
23/04/20162nd DivDrunken Duck Rangers B25Ravenscroft Renegades10
23/04/20161st DivDrunken Duck Rangers A27Investec Tigers12
23/04/20162nd DivManor Farm Sluggers19Off The Wall Outlaws8
23/04/20161st DivTCCI Tornadoes16Lock In Hit Squad A5
23/04/20162nd DivFirst Names19Drop the L Hornets10
26/04/20161st DivDrunken Duck Rangers A16East Harbour Buccaneers10
27/04/2016MensDrunken Duck Rangers Men14R&D De Jersey Rebels13
28/04/20162nd DivKPMG Knights14Lock In Hit Squad B22
29/04/2016MensCross the Finish Line Titans22Investec Tigers Men1
30/04/20161st DivEast Harbour Buccaneers11Lock In Hit Squad A13
30/04/20162nd DivDrop the L Hornets21KPMG Knights20
30/04/20161st DivInvestec Tigers3NE Electric Rookies19
30/04/20162nd DivRavenscroft Renegades5First Names23
30/04/20161st DivDrunken Duck Rangers A9TCCI Tornadoes12
30/04/20162nd DivLock In Hit Squad B10Manor Farm Sluggers5
03/05/20161st DivInvestec Tigers12Lock In Hit Squad A27
04/05/2016MensCross the Finish Line Titans8Drunken Duck Rangers Men10
05/05/20162nd DivOff The Wall Outlaws1Drunken Duck Rangers B24
06/05/2016MensR&D De Jersey Rebels12Investec Tigers Men2
07/05/20162nd DivDrop the L Hornets14Lock In Hit Squad B5
07/05/20161st DivLock In Hit Squad A16Drunken Duck Rangers A15
07/05/20162nd DivKPMG Knights12Manor Farm Sluggers16
07/05/20161st DivInvestec Tigers14East Harbour Buccaneers7
10/05/20161st DivNE Electric Rookies9TCCI Tornadoes8
11/05/2016MensDrunken Duck Rangers Men19Investec Tigers Men4
12/05/20162nd DivFirst Names23KPMG Knights8
13/05/2016MensCross the Finish Line Titans19R&D De Jersey Rebels17
14/05/20161st DivLock In Hit Squad A7NE Electric Rookies18
14/05/20162nd DivOff The Wall Outlaws26Ravenscroft Renegades34
14/05/20161st DivInvestec Tigers11TCCI Tornadoes27
14/05/20162nd DivManor Farm Sluggers2Drunken Duck Rangers B15
14/05/20162nd DivFirst Names23Lock In Hit Squad B15
17/05/20161st DivDrunken Duck Rangers A17Lock In Hit Squad A9
18/05/2016MensInvestec Tigers Men11Cross the Finish Line Titans24
19/05/20162nd DivOff The Wall Outlaws15First Names20
20/05/2016MensR&D De Jersey Rebels10Drunken Duck Rangers Men11
21/05/20161st DivEast Harbour Buccaneers11TCCI Tornadoes26
21/05/20161st DivDrunken Duck Rangers A17NE Electric Rookies12
21/05/20162nd DivKPMG Knights20Off The Wall Outlaws28
21/05/20162nd DivDrop the L Hornets8Ravenscroft Renegades23
24/05/20161st DivLock In Hit Squad A5NE Electric Rookies17
25/05/2016MensDrunken Duck Rangers Men11Cross the Finish Line Titans21
27/05/2016MensInvestec Tigers Men9R&D De Jersey Rebels14
28/05/20162nd DivManor Farm Sluggers17Drop the L Hornets9
28/05/20161st DivLock In Hit Squad A14TCCI Tornadoes8
28/05/20161st DivInvestec Tigers9Drunken Duck Rangers A8
28/05/20162nd DivDrunken Duck Rangers B7First Names22
31/05/20161st DivEast Harbour Buccaneers9Drunken Duck Rangers A27
01/06/2016MensR&D De Jersey Rebels10Cross the Finish Line Titans4
02/06/20162nd DivLock In Hit Squad B0Drunken Duck Rangers B9
03/06/2016MensInvestec Tigers Men1Drunken Duck Rangers Men21
04/06/20161st DivEast Harbour Buccaneers15NE Electric Rookies20
04/06/20162nd DivKPMG Knights23Ravenscroft Renegades15
07/06/20161st DivDrunken Duck Rangers A18TCCI Tornadoes16
08/06/2016MensCross the Finish Line Titans12Investec Tigers Men3
09/06/20162nd DivFirst Names3Manor Farm Sluggers21
10/06/2016MensDrunken Duck Rangers Men4Cross the Finish Line Titans22
11/06/20161st DivNE Electric Rookies10Lock In Hit Squad A3
11/06/20161st DivEast Harbour Buccaneers29Investec Tigers13
11/06/20162nd DivLock In Hit Squad B15Ravenscroft Renegades14
12/06/2016Mens KO Game 1R&D De Jersey Rebels13Cross the Finish Line Titans27
12/06/2016Mens KO Game 2Investec Tigers Men14Drunken Duck Rangers Men18
12/06/2016Mens KO FinalCross the Finish Line Titans (Winner 1)12Drunken Duck Rangers (Winner 2)7
14/06/20161st DivTCCI Tornadoes12Investec Tigers4
16/06/20162nd DivDrop the L Hornets16Off The Wall Outlaws11
17/06/2016MensInvestec Tigers Men2Cross the Finish Line Titans17
18/06/20161st DivTCCI Tornadoes10East Harbour Buccaneers9
18/06/20162nd DivKPMG Knights9Drunken Duck Rangers B25
18/06/20161st DivNE Electric Rookies21Investec Tigers2
18/06/20162nd DivOff The Wall OutlawsF/FtDrop the L HornetsW/O
18/06/20162nd DivRavenscroft Renegades30Lock In Hit Squad B29
19/06/20161st Div KO Game 1NE Electric Rookies19Investec Tigers0
19/06/20161st Div KO Game 2Lock In Hit Squad A3TCCI Tornadoes23
19/06/20161st Div KO Game 3Drunken Duck Rangers A17East Harbour Buccanneers12
19/06/20161st Div KO Game 4NE Electric Rookies (Winner 1)4TCCI Tornadoes (Winner 2)16
19/06/20161st Div KO FinalDrunken Duck Rangers A (Winner 3)6TCCI Tornadoes (Winner 4)8
21/06/20161st DivNE Electric Rookies14Investec Tigers9
22/06/2016MensDrunken Duck Rangers Men11R&D De Jersey Rebels4
23/06/20162nd DivDrop the L Hornets10Drunken Duck Rangers B11
23/06/20162nd DivRavenscroft Renegades10Manor Farm Sluggers18
24/06/2016MensCross the Finish Line Titans18Drunken Duck Rangers Men25
25/06/20162nd DivDrop the L Hornets9Manor Farm Sluggers11
25/06/20162nd DivLock In Hit Squad BF/FtKPMG KnightsW/O
25/06/20162nd DivRavenscroft Renegades9Drunken Duck Rangers B17
26/06/20162nd Div KO Game 1Drop the L Hornets22Ravenscroft Renegades26
26/06/20162nd Div KO Game 2Manor Farm Sluggers11First Names27
26/06/20162nd Div KO Game 3Lock In Hit Squad BF/FtKPMG KnightsW/O
26/06/20162nd Div KO Game 4Drunken Duck Rangers BW/OOff The Wall OutlawsF/Ft
26/06/20162nd Div KO Semi 1Ravenscroft Renegades (Winner 1)2First Names (Winner 2)28
26/06/20162nd Div KO Semi 2KPMG Knights (Winner 3)1Drunken Duck Rangers B (Winner 4)29
26/06/20162nd Div KO FinalFirst Names (Winner Semi 1)11Drunken Duck Rangers B (Winner Semi 2)12
28/06/20161st DivInvestec Tigers10Drunken Duck Rangers A24
30/06/20162nd DivKPMG Knights13Drop the L Hornets15
01/07/2016MensDrunken Duck Rangers Men15Investec Tigers Men8
02/07/20161st DivLock In Hit Squad A10Drunken Duck Rangers A22
02/07/20162nd DivManor Farm Sluggers14Lock In Hit Squad B6
02/07/20162nd DivDrunken Duck Rangers B21Off The Wall Outlaws6
02/07/20162nd DivDrop the L Hornets16First Names12
05/07/20161st DivNE Electric Rookies17TCCI Tornadoes7
06/07/2016MensR&D De Jersey Rebels9Drunken Duck Rangers Men12
07/07/20162nd DivFirst Names18Ravenscroft Renegades10
07/07/20162nd DivLock In Hit Squad B24Off The Wall Outlaws16
12/07/20161st DivDrunken Duck Rangers A18East Harbour Buccaneers15
13/07/2016MensR&D De Jersey Rebels9Investec Tigers Men3
14/07/20162nd DivManor Farm Sluggers28First Names27
16/07/20161st DivEast Harbour Buccaneers13TCCI Tornadoes12
16/07/20162nd DivRavenscroft Renegades11Drop the L Hornets21
16/07/20161st DivNE Electric Rookies21Drunken Duck Rangers A1
16/07/20162nd DivOff The Wall Outlaws16Manor Farm Sluggers23
16/07/20162nd DivKPMG Knights2First Names33
19/07/20161st DivLock In Hit Squad A8East Harbour Buccaneers7
20/07/2016MensInvestec Tigers Men7R&D De Jersey Rebels22
21/07/20162nd DivLock In Hit Squad B9Drop the L Hornets18
22/07/2016MensR&D De Jersey Rebels17Cross the Finish Line Titans14
26/07/20161st DivInvestec Tigers2Lock In Hit Squad A17
27/07/2016MensInvestec Tigers Men3Drunken Duck Rangers Men26
28/07/20162nd DivOff The Wall Outlaws12KPMG Knights18
29/07/2016MensR&D De Jersey Rebels2Drunken Duck Rangers Men19
30/07/20161st DivNE Electric Rookies21East Harbour Buccaneers6
30/07/20162nd DivRavenscroft Renegades19Off The Wall Outlaws28
30/07/20161st DivTCCI Tornadoes11Lock In Hit Squad A10
30/07/20162nd DivDrunken Duck Rangers B19Lock In Hit Squad B4
02/08/2016 (rearranged to 03/09 TBC)1st DivInvestec Tigers-East Harbour Buccaneers-
03/08/2016MensCross the Finish Line Titans28Investec Tigers Men7
04/08/20162nd DivDrunken Duck Rangers B5Manor Farm Sluggers15
04/08/20162nd DivFirst Names17Off The Wall Outlaws16
05/08/2016MensR&D De Jersey RebelsW/OCross the Finish Line TitansF/Ft
06/08/20162nd DivManor Farm Sluggers22Ravenscroft Renegades25
06/08/20161st DivTCCI Tornadoes21Investec Tigers10
06/08/20162nd DivOff The Wall Outlaws25Lock In Hit Squad B24
07/08/2016All Div KO Game 1Drunken Duck Rangers A22KPMG Knights9
07/08/2016All Div KO Game 2TCCI Tornadoes30Ravenscroft Renegades4
07/08/2016All Div KO Game 3Lock In Hit Squad A13First Names21
07/08/2016All Div KO Game 4East Harbour Buccanneers12Drop the L Hornets24
07/08/2016All Div KO Game 5Manor Farm Sluggers12Investec Tigers17
07/08/2016All Div KO Game 6Lock In Hit Squad B16Off The Wall Outlaws17
07/08/2016All Div KO Game 7Drunken Duck Rangers B9NE Electric Rookies20
09/08/20161st DivTCCI Tornadoes18Drunken Duck Rangers A3
10/08/2016MensDrunken Duck Rangers Men9Cross the Finish Line Titans27
11/08/20162nd DivFirst Names8Drunken Duck Rangers B19
12/08/2016MensCross the Finish Line Titans13R&D De Jersey Rebels9
13/08/20161st DivDrunken Duck Rangers AF/FtNE Electric RookiesW/O
13/08/20162nd DivManor Farm Sluggers22KPMG Knights6
13/08/20161st DivEast Harbour Buccaneers25Lock In Hit Squad A8
13/08/20162nd DivLock In Hit Squad B7First Names23
14/08/2016All Div KO Q1Winner 5 (Investec Tigers)13Winner 6 (Lock In Hit Squad B)13
14/08/2016All Div KO Q2Winner 3 (First Names)20Winner 4 (Drop the L Hornets)11
14/08/2016All Div KO Q3Winner 1 (Drunken Duck Rangers A) 12Winner 2 (TCCI Tornadoes)18
14/08/2016All Div KO Semi 1Winner 7 (NE Electric Rookies)5First Names (Winner Q2)4
14/08/2016All Div KO Semi 1Investec Tigers (Winner Q1)5TCCI Tornadoes (Winner Q3)18
14/08/2016All Div KO FinalNE Electric Rookies (Winner Semi 1)3TCCI Tornadoes (Winner Semi 2)8
16/08/20161st DivLock In Hit Squad A10Investec Tigers19
18/08/20162nd DivDrunken Duck Rangers B18Drop the L Hornets9
18/08/20162nd DivRavenscroft Renegades18KPMG Knights17
24/08/2016MensInvestec Tigers MenW/OR&D De Jersey RebelsF/Ft
25/08/20162ndDrunken Duck Rangers B13KPMG Knights7
30/08/20161st DivTCCI Tornadoes12NE Electric Rookies6
31/08/2016MensDrunken Duck Rangers Men19Investec Tigers Men4
03/09/2016 (from 02/08)1st DivInvestec Tigers30East Harbour Buccaneers29
06/09/20161st DivThe Best - NE Electric Rookies1The Rest17
07/09/2016MensThe Best - Drunken Duck Rangers Men2The Rest19
08/09/20162nd DivThe "Next" Best - Manor Farm Sluggers5The Rest24
10/09/2016UptonCoreFocus Cubs - Jsy 2nd Div Winner18Drunken Duck Rangers B - Gsy 2nd Div Winner5
10/09/2016UptonDMS Jersey Flyers - Jsy 1st Div Winner3NE Electric Rookies - Gsy 1st Div Winner21
11/09/2016MurattiJersey B4Guernsey B19
11/09/2016MurattiJersey A11Guernsey A30