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2010 Softball Results

17-AprSatDiv 2Buccaneers 19Sluggers 6
17-AprSatDiv 2Rookies 3Bulldogs22
17-AprSatDiv 1Rangers A 20Panthers6
18-AprSunMenCentrals 10Titans 14
20-AprTueDiv 1Mercator5Tornadoes19
21-AprWedMenShip & Crown10Rangers Men29
22-AprThuDiv 2Cubs15Rangers B 9
22-AprThuDiv 2Sluggers 10Bulldogs 38
24-AprSatDiv 2Rangers B 17Rookies12
24-AprSatDiv 2Bulldogs 35Sluggers4
24-AprSatDiv 1Tornadoes8Panthers2
25-AprSunMenTitans 11Rangers Men8
27-AprTueDiv 1Mercator14Rangers A21
28-AprWedMenCentrals4Ship & Crown24
29-AprThuDiv 2Bulldogs 19Rangers B15
29-AprThuDiv 2Cubs23Sluggers 1
01-MaySatDiv 2Sluggers16Rangers B31
01-MaySatDiv 2Rookies 14Buccaneers5
01-MaySatDiv 2Bulldogs9Cubs6
01-MaySatDiv 1Rangers A 5Tornadoes 17
02-MaySunMenShip & Crown17Titans15
05-MayWedMenRangers Men21Centrals1
06-MayThuDiv 2Cubs14Rookies 30
06-MayThuDiv 2Buccaneers 1Bulldogs21
08-MaySatDiv 2Rangers B16Buccaneers11
08-MaySatDiv 2Rookies 33Sluggers10
08-MaySatDiv 2Cubs14Bulldogs 29
08-MaySatDiv 1Tornadoes15Mercator 4
11-MayTueDiv 1Panthers 15Rangers A 9
15-MaySatDiv 2Cubs 20Buccaneers24
15-MaySatDiv 2Sluggers 3Rookies 40
15-MaySatDiv 1Panthers 0Tornadoes31
16-MaySunMenRangers Men32Ship & Crown 20
19-MayWedMenRangers Men12Titans1
20-MayThuDiv 2Rangers B 13Cubs 12
20-MayThuDiv 2Bulldogs 22Buccaneers 6
22-MaySatDiv 2Buccaneers4Rookies24
23-MaySunMenShip & Crown18Centrals12
25-MayTueDiv 1Tornadoes9Rangers A14
26-MayWedMenTitans17Ship & Crown16
27-MayThuDiv 2Rookies11Rangers B15
27-MayThuDiv 2Sluggers11Cubs27
02-JunWedMenCentrals1Rangers Men29
03-JunThuDiv 2Rangers B15Sluggers5
05-JunSatDiv 2Rookies7Cubs0 F/Ft
05-JunSatDiv 2Buccaneers5Rangers B20
05-JunSatDiv 1Mercator21Panthers3
08-JunTueDiv 1Rangers A12Panthers10
09-JunWedMenShip & Crown16Rangers Men10
10-JunThuDiv 2 (Rained off)Rangers B-Bulldogs-
10-JunThuDiv 2 (Rained off)Buccaneers-Sluggers-
12-JunSatDiv 2 KO (1)Rangers B6Cubs5
12-JunSatDiv 2 KO (2)Bulldogs18Rookies9
12-JunSatDiv 2 KO (3)Sluggers19Buccaneers35
12-JunSatDiv 2 KO (4)Winner Gm 1 (Rangers B)12Winner Gm 2 (Bulldogs)9
12-JunSatDiv 2 KO (Final)Winner Gm 3 (Buccaneers)9Winner Gm 4 (Rangers B)26
13-JunSunMenTitans23Ship & Crown11
15-JunTueDiv 1Tornadoes24Panthers3
16-JunWedMenCentrals4Ship & Crown24
17-JunThuDiv 2 (from 10-Jun)Rangers B8Bulldogs7
17-JunThuDiv 2Buccaneers12Cubs14
19-JunSatDiv 2Cubs27Sluggers7
19-JunSatDiv 2Rangers B16Rookies4
19-JunSatDiv 2Buccaneers0Bulldogs24
19-JunSatDiv 1Mercator5Rangers A25
20-JunSunMenShip & Crown24Titans23
22-JunTueDiv 1Rangers A21Tornadoes15
23-JunWedMenRangers MenW/OCentralsF/Ft
24-JunThuDiv 2 (from 10-Jun)Buccaneers17Sluggers13
29-JunTueDiv 1Panthers13Mercator12
01-JulThuDiv 2Bulldogs20Cubs5
01-JulThuDiv 2Rookies22Sluggers7
03-JulSatDiv 2Rangers B13Buccaneers3
03-JulSatDiv 1Panthers5Rangers A1
14-JulWedMen (moved to 18-Aug)Rangers Men-Ship & Crown-
15-JulThuDiv 2Cubs6Rangers B15
17-JulSatDiv 2BuccaneersW/OCubsF/Ft
17-JulSatDiv 2Rookies19Bulldogs2
17-JulSatDiv 2Sluggers2Rangers B22
17-JulSatDiv 1Mercator7Tornadoes14
18-JulSunMenRangers Men11Titans13
20-JulTueDiv 1Rangers A22Mercator11
21-JulWedMenShip & Crown22Centrals7
22-JulThuAll Div KO (1)Buccaneers5Tornadoes15
22-JulThuAll Div KO (2)BulldogsF/FtRookiesW/O
24-JulSatDiv 2CubsF/FtRookiesW/O
24-JulSatDiv 2Bulldogs6Rangers B8
24-JulSatDiv 1 KO (1)Panthers16Mercator1
24-JulSatDiv 1 KO (2)Tornadoes7Rangers A4
24-JulSatDiv 1 KO (Final)Winner Gm 1 (Panthers)1Winner Gm 2 (Tornadoes)16
25-JulSunMenTitans10Rangers Men28
27-JulTueDiv 1Panthers6Tornadoes22
31-JulSatAll Div KO (3)MercatorW/OCubsF/Ft
31-JulSatAll Div KO (4)Sluggers2Panthers22
31-JulSatDiv 1Tornadoes10Rangers A2
31-JulSatDiv 1 (moved to 3-Aug)Mercator-Panthers-
01-AugSunMenCentralsF/FtRangers MenW/O
03-AugTueDiv 1 (from 31-Jul)Mercator10Panthers22
04-AugWedMen KO (1)Rangers MenW/OCentralsF/Ft
07-AugSatDiv 1Panthers16Mercator15
08-AugSunMen KO (2)Ship & Crown18Titans11
12-AugThuAll Div KO (5)Rangers A12Rangers B13
12-AugThuAll Div KO (6)Winner Gm 1 (Tornadoes)18Winner Gm 2 (Rookies)15
14-AugSatAll Div KO (Semi 1)Winner Gm 3 (Mercator)W/OWinner Gm 4 (Panthers)F/Ft
17-AugTueDiv 1TornadoesW/OMercatorF/Ft
18-AugWedMen (from 14-Jul)Rangers Men22Ship & Crown7
19-AugThuDiv 2Rookies29Buccaneers14
19-AugThuDiv 2Sluggers13Bulldogs23
21-AugSatDiv 2Sluggers11Buccaneers25
21-AugSatDiv 2Bulldogs9Rookies5
21-AugSatDiv 1Rangers A24Mercator20
22-AugSunMen KO (FINAL)Winner Gm 1 (Rangers Men)12Winner Gm 2 (Ship & Crown)7
28-AugSatAll Div KO (Semi 2)Winner Gm 5
(Rangers B)
3Winner Gm 6 (Tornadoes)22
28-AugSatAll Div KO (Final)Winner Semi 1
8Winner Semi 2
04-SepSatUptons BDiv 2 Winners
(RBC Canucks)
4Div 2 Winners
(Rangers B)
04-SepSatUptons ADiv 1 Winners
(Dominion Niners)
15Div 1 Winners
05-SepSunMuratti BJersey B20Guernsey B11
05-SepSunMuratti AJersey A10Guernsey A9
08-SepWedGLADSTONEDiv 1 Winners
4The Rest15

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